Our story

A long-cherished dream came true!

Enjoying the outdoors, the Spanish sun, the moment, the little things of life, our beautiful surroundings, nature, culture, the people and animals, the simplicity here,…

Such is life, in and around ”our home”,…

For years we have been working, in the Betherlands, in our own company. Put heart and soul in it. We were into special interiors, the most diverse fireplaces, and wooden floors. The both of us, set up and made this company a succes. Then, we came to a point, we both felt we wanted to live differently. Get more life out of life. Spend more quality time together. The pressure of this hectic way of living, of being absorbed by work and obligations, became a heavy weight, which gave us the courage to take this step: new land, new language, more living our hearts. And of course: we realized, that, the way we had been living and working, was the very basis of the persons we had become. And we are so grateful for that!

Once we decided to jump into this new adventure, took it really a long time to become a new reality? No. And yes. Our dream: “Spain” has Always been traveling with us. Final decision was made in the Summer of 2017. With our four-legged friend, our dog Groovy, we stepped into our car, drove to Spain and started looking for a new home and life. We were really fortunate to find ”our place” quite quick: a large site with 2 separate houses, peace, freedom, the environment…. Immediately it felt more than good! Months of work, traveling from the Netherlands to Spain and back, arrangingĀ  , leaving the old behind, embracing the new, challenging yourselves and taking on this every day challenge, again and again, made our dream finding its shape. And a beautiful shape it has become!

More than welcome and, we wish you to feel at home in our B&B Las Hierbas, as much we feel at home here!

Frank & Nancy